Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh but it's cold outside.....

Here in Utah we are having a very snowy, dreary long winter. I know it's only February and I shouldn't be expecting nicer weather already----but dammit----my daffodils and tulips are poking thru the snow and I want, no NEED to see some sign of spring on the way. Plus I don't want all the hard work planting 88 bulbs last fall to be for naught.
So in keeping with the snow covered view out my window as I write I thought I'd search for some items I have around the house with a winter theme. If you can't fight 'em, join 'em!
I found three very furry hats (real fur, but I'm not sure what animals gave their lives for them!) They were brought back by my mother-in-law Wanda when she returned from a world wide tour many years ago after my hubby and I were first married. Also there is a white fur neck piece that has no markings on it, so I am assuming Wanda purchased all of them in one of two regions she visited. I made notations on the items listing where they came from.
Also shown are a small collection of totem pole salt and pepper shakers. One set is marked Banff Canada, the other two look older, are not marked, but have cork stoppers which can indicate they are older. Also in this collection is a dark brown fuzzy figure that looks like it should be on top of a kachina doll, but it fit in somehow as did a wooden totem pole memento from Alaska. The collection is completed by a little china bowl from Royal Albert Bone China of England, with an "authentic totem item" stamped on the back. It depicts three black totems representing British Columbia.
Since purses are something I have a lot of I added a one-of-a-kind rag purse I bought from a woman at my French Cooking class I attend once a month. It is crocheted with a thick warm looking yarn and I use it once in a while in the winter if I go to dinner, or somewhere special. It was so eclectic and colorful I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! It also added a needed pop of color amidst all the winter items.
The "model" is my wicker elephant friend (from my wicker collection)

This animal print hat is from Srinagar, also known as Kashmir by hat maker Shyam Bros.

Real fur from Echter Pelz of Austria

Black S&P marked Banff Canada, newer set, middle. On left and right older totem pole S&P's with wooden cork stoppers. In background Royal Dalton china dish and small wooden totem memento from Alaska with furry head figure sitting atop a winter white hard shell purse with gold chain from my purse collection

Fur hat from same hat maker in Srinagar, white fur neck piece with no I.D.

Original, one of a kind hand made purse with fun attachments added

Front view of purse with gold clip covering opening underneath
It's still snowing here and I estimate about 6-8 inches have fallen already. But that's livin' in Utah! I think I'll stay inside as much as I can today where it's toasty and comfortable. Hope wherever you are that you are also warm and well.


  1. Oh Sally you really are my favorite person ever <3 I'm so glad I'm not the only 'odd' one in the family! LOL

  2. What treasures! Your photography is great, too. :- ) I love the Totem Pole S&P shakers. Very unusual. And the Thanks for sharing.