Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tours, France---This morning we were headed for our class at a lovely restaurant.  The walk there was so full of surprises.  The old buildings and churches are from the middle ages.  One place was "The Catacombs" that go down into the earth.  We didn't have time to explore what was there....maybe that's a good thing!  Another place was an area surrounded with tape in the middle of the street where they had dug down and found a chariot!  Would have loved to have seen what it looked like. They were still excavating and it looked very, very deep already.  Everything is so old in France.  Pictures include our classroom at the restaurant, the chef, all the wonderful foods we fixed, then ate. Also, another amazing market (David, note the fruit that says from Vietnam in one of the pictures--maybe you know what it  is.) Back at the hotel are pictures of what a 5 star hotel in Paris looks like.  My room was beautiful and I was alone.  Ah, bliss!  

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